Be a shower, not a grower.

Your future?

As bright as it is fuzz free.

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Sukki Singapora, Singapore's Burlesque Star

Free your skin.

Step 1: Longer hairs are trimmed to the length of a grain of rice.

Step 2: Hard wax is applied, left to cool to firmly grip the hair but not the skin.

Step 3: One quick tug and you’ll be hair free for up to 4 weeks – and just like that, you’re done!

Full Face $43
Cheeks $24
Sideburns $24
Chin $12
Lip $12
Brazilian $53.50
Bikini Line $24
Butt Cheeks $38
Full Back $64
Upper Back $38
Lower Back $38
Full Front $64
Chest $30
Stomach $30
Navel $16
Full Legs $64
Lower Legs $48
Upper Legs $48
Full Arms $48
Lower Arms $38
Upper Arms $38

What exactly is Brazilian Waxing?

An affordable way of removing hair from the private areas in the front (pubic area) and back (anus). This has become a lifestyle choice for many as it offers benefits such as smoother skin, hygiene during menstruation etc.

Where can waxing be performed on?

Any where with unwanted hair, underarms, brazilian and legs are always in demand.

How often do I need a session?

Every 4 weeks. Unlike shaving, you won’t see stubble regrowth the next day.

Is it painful?

You will feel it on your first visit, we can’t lie. It gets easier with repeated visits and clients have been known to fall asleep. Staying fuzz free in your intimate areas is a life enhancing choice.

Wax, don't shave.

Shaving irritates the skin, leaving it sore, red and sensitive and you need to shave daily. You only need to wax once a month and regrowth takes 4 weeks and gets finer over time.

Friends do not let their friends shave.

Bring a friend, life is better when you share the good stuff.

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