93% say it’s “worth it!”



Thanks for stopping by Supersmooth! I get it, you’re trying to solve a few issues related to hair removal.

Imagine what it would be like to finally be able to stop shaving while spending much less in a lifetime on shavers, wax kits, endless IPL/SHR sessions and hair removal cream!

You’d spend 15 minutes less daily in the bathroom… you’d be able to dictate  what you actually like wearing on daily basis… you’d feel secure that you won’t have to spend endlessly on permanent hair removal treatments… you wouldn’t have to worry about the dark marks left behind from having to tweeze, pluck or wax… you’d finally be able to just relax and enjoy smooth unblemished skin.

So ask yourself… are you sick and tired of spending your hard-earned dollars on IPL/SHR packages that promise results that haven’t been delivered? Are you fed up of  hair removal ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ that offer you more excuses than results?

Then stop the stress and frustration of trying to guess how to best remove hair for your skin type and put our proven, battle-tested techniques to work.

Supersmooth started in January 2018 and in under 3 years, our services have gotten so popular that we now offer our expertise in 3 locations and our teams sees thousands of clients every month!

This isn’t about results in just one specific skin tone. No, we’ve successfully deployed these techniques across every skin tone. Using these methods to help thousands of clients never needing to shave or wax again.

Many of them have seen not only good results for hair removal but also a big improvement on skin condition from not having to shave for a month, 3 months, 6 months etc.

Sounds hard to believe but it’s true. In fact, we’re so confident about helping you that we’ll even give you a 3 year warranty!

No other brand will dare do this as they’d have to fire all their staff and quickly go out of business! In fact, go ahead and ask one if they’ll offer warranties and watch them squirm.