Getting permanent hair removal down there used to be solely a female affair, but not anymore — at least that’s what we’re trying to change. If you’re a man and practice shaving your pubic region, great. But I’m sure you experience the occasional itchy five o’clock shadow that comes with shaving once hair starts to grow back. The solution to that? A complete wax.

As a female, getting waxed below feels great; it’s smoother, a lot more hygienic and definitely a longer-lasting solution. And I’m sure males would feel the same as well — just ask people like swimmers and bodybuilders who get all of their body hair removed before competition.

If you’re a man new to Boyzilians and contemplating getting one or even hesitant, allow me to convince you to come over to the other side as well as share some treatment tips from our in-house therapists.

Benefits of a Boyzilian

1. No more rash or ingrown hair

If you’ve ever experienced itchiness, small red bumps or a burning sensation after shaving, you likely had a shaving rash, a common side effect caused from shaving. Even if you’re okay with prickly, bumpy hair that grows back as fast as a day after you shave, you must admit that the itch is a pain to deal with. On the flipside, there’s also the itch that comes from leaving your mane below untouched — yes, I’m looking at those who just leave their pubic hair as it is for years and years. You might think it doesn’t matter, but there’s something off putting about a man who’s always itchy down there. And be careful about ingrown hair — they can cause infections, darkened skin and scarring.

2. Better skincare habits

With no hair in the way, seeing your private part clean and naked everyday forces you to notice things you previously would have missed out. Are there any weird bumps or visible skin issues? Perhaps you might be inclined to take better care of what’s underneath, such as cleaning the area regularly or even adopting a moisturising routine. Whatever it is, in 2021, we’re all for men practicing good grooming hygiene.

3. Lesser risk of snagging your balls

Most men agree that shaving or trimming the boys downstairs is often a game of guesstimate. After all, this isn’t a topic that’s readily taught and most guys I assume either go with what feels right or from tutorials found online. Either way, it’s better to leave these things in the hands of a professional. While boyzilians are typically performed via waxing, we recommend laser hair removal for a more comfortable experience and longevity. Laser Hair Removal is what we’d specifically recommend for pubic hair removal (for both men and women) because of an anti-reflective sapphire technology used that carries almost no pain. It’s also suitable for all skin types!

4. Added confidence in and out of the bedroom

Sometimes all you need for a boost of confidence is knowing you’re one step ahead of others. How many men around you go for Boyzilians, or even care that their private parts look well maintained and presentable? Well, it’s not too late to be the first among the pack to go all smooth permanently, plus it’s something the ladies will greatly appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boyzilians

A Boyzilian essentially means a full removal — this includes hair along your pubic bone, scrotum, penis and crack. Some men may prefer to leave a triangle on or choose to just go for a trim or tidy up to match their chest hair.

Is it painful?

If you choose the traditional way of waxing, yes it will hurt — but it won’t hurt as much as you imagine. Our therapists are trained to give minimal pain with every rip as much as possible. You’ll get used to it over time, but if you’re really afraid of pain, you may consider taking a painkiller an hour before.

The other alternative is to opt for a laser. During a laser treatment, we use cold gel to protect your skin and to help the laser penetrate through your skin. At most, you’ll feel a mild warmth as the laser passes over your skin.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

If you’re doing a Boyzilian wax, our therapists advise that you avoid having your pubic area for at least two weeks prior to your appointment. This is to ensure your hair is long enough; your hair should be about a quarter of an inch long.

If you’re going for a laser, shaving is fine, but any waxing, tweezing or plucking should be stopped two to six weeks before your appointment. You also want to avoid growing stubble 24 hours before your appointment as stubble can damage the laser and increase the chances of burning your skin. We also ask that you avoid UV exposure a month before your treatment, so no intense sun exposure or tanning beds please!

The bottom line

If you’re already putting in effort to groom your private parts, you might as well go all the way and get a Boyzilian with the help of a professional. Make sure to listen to your therapist’s instructions on aftercare, and after this, you’re free to go about your usual activities. Welcome to the manscaping club!


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Let Team Supersmooth boost your confidence with a boyzilian.


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