“Get ready for the truth, babe.”

Always start with waxing.

You can find providers everywhere and depending on the area that’s in need to wax, it’s usually fast & fuss free.

But if thats too painful or you find yourself getting too many ingrowns, sure, its logical to start looking at the ‘permanent’ stuff like IPL and laser.

“Whats the difference between IPL and Lasers Seriously.”

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the stuff that just about every company is using.

You will easily find super cheap providers right across to the ultra luxe ‘branded’ clinics.

This “tech” uses visible light (hence the bright flashes) to try to get your hair roots to absorb them (hence the snapping sensation) after which they are damaged by the heat.

It is similar to how the dark tarred roads absorb heat from sunlight.

The process repeats itself via multiple sessions and you start to see much less hair growth.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

“Not Really.”

Here’s why.

It doesn’t do anything for fine hairs, or for hair roots under the skin.

The operator needs to use the device at a high energy setting, or else hair can actually grow back.

And here’s where things start to go wrong in many treatments, too high a setting might leave burn marks faster than an abusive stepfather.

Especially if you have tanned or rich skin tone.

If you’re tanned (or tanning, God help you) or are of Indian, South East Asian, Mediterranean, Arabic, South America descent, or from just about any country/continent close to the Equator, you might benefit from IPL but there will be risks and you’re not nearly always getting most of the benefits.

“Enter Lasers.”

These have really evolved.

High on comfort and reliability, the “tech” makes this very safe.

Quite simply, it aims only for your hair roots and leaves all skin types completely intact so you leave looking like an amazonian goddess, not so much a victim of a nuclear fallout.

With laser hair removal treatments, it is easy to see if the treatment will be successful or not.

We’re looking for red heat spots (these subside within 2-24 hours) on the skin around the hair follicles.

You won’t see this with IPL.

“Good On Brown Hairs Too.”

What about different hair colours? Lasers still fair less well with red, gold, blonde, white hairs, although hope is coming.

If you have brown hairs, you will see good to very good results but go to an operator that upgrades its “tech” every 2-3 years.

You won’t find this in the neighbourhood salons or in the hands of operators who can’t/won’t/plain cannot communicate.

If you keep asking, we’ll keep replying. Hit us up.

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