600 babes visit Supersmooth HQ monthly to have a tiny plot of real estate on their body groomed. (Yes we did say our mission is to take it all off) For many who haven’t tried so much as a wax job let alone laser, they don’t get what the pubic hair fuss is about.

“Does the upkeep of pubic hair merit so much attention? I mean, why is it even there?”

You asked, we’ll answer.

There’re a couple of theories and we dig these ones the most. Pubic hair was designed to protect the genitals from friction during intercourse, it also prevents friction at the groin area when you walk or run. You’ll find thicker hair in between parts of your body like your underarms and groin where there is plenty of skin contact when you move.

“Experts” also say they act as “scent traps” for pheromones that could attract the opposite sex. We think that’s true for monkeys maybe not so for humans.

“Should I be shaving my pubic hair?”

You shouldn’t be shaving your pubes with a generic disposable shaver, those are not sharp enough unless you’re planning on doing laser hair removal straight after the shave.

Here’s why.

Your pubic hair is thicker than your leg hair, arm hair or facial hair. You should be using a sharper and smaller razor for those. And because it’s thicker, shaven pubic hair tends to leave ingrowns after a while. The jagged edge snags into your skin and leaves it inflamed, causing visible red bumps called ingrowns.

“Why am i getting ingrowns and how to I treat it?”

If you see ingrowns after shaving or waxing any part of your body, you should start thinking about permanent solutions if the ingrowns bother you. Sure, you could be be applying serums and exfoliating creams and all of that stuff, but hey if we gotta apply stuff to our skin, it’s Chanel No. 5 or nothing.

Haven’t got the time for anything else, really. If your hair grows backs and snags into skin, chances are its genetics or the hair is just too thick.

“Should i really be bare down there?”

Hell yes, babe. It is a life changer in more mysterious ways than one. We’re not even going to tell you the one, you just have to look it up yourself.

Google “what is the life changing benefit of being hairless down there.”

But seriously.

Google it.

You will never be the same again, and it’s for the better.




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