During COVID-19, not a single layoff, no pay cuts.

Supersmooth wants to work with you.

Hi, my name is Chris Soh. This is my 17th year in the beauty business.

My work flow allows my team to make $4,000 monthly while working only 4 weekdays and Saturday, rest on Sundays & holidays.

When I first came into this industry, I found out that beauty therapists had to work long retail hours, weekends and holidays for very little pay. The biggest chains here pay $2800 max monthly, many without a 13th month bonus.

2020 is the year of COVID-19.

Many companies opted to stop paying their staff. These are the companies that would tell you “you are all part of a big family”.

My organisation decided to pay our team members, and also to pay an advanced bonus for those who have contributed greatly in the previous years.

Come join my team, work fewer days but work harder and make more money.

Nobody on my team takes home less than $3,000.

Start earning in no time.

Good reputation, good system of working.

My team members works at least  52 days less in a year than anyone in the same industry.

This leaves you with more time for yourself and your family, yes your real family.

We don’t work on Sundays or public holidays, annual leave starts from 7 days and increases a day for every year that you are here.

New team members are given training and ample opportunities with our clients. 

You’ll be taken care of by branch managers, all of whom worked as aestheticians and therapists at Supersmooth.

They know exactly how you feel during difficult moments and we can guide you.

Our managers are voted in by team members, this gives everyone a say in our organisation.

We do not hire external managers because most of the time, external managers do not care about our aestheticians.

If you join us as an aesthetician or facialist, become part of us and see the sense in our working culture, you’re welcome to step forward as a manager and your colleagues will vote.

If you wish to progress further into management, while previously graduating from CIDESCO/CIBTAC, you’re welcome to join too!

A strong ability to retain existing clients.

  • Learn new treatments.
  • Remember your clients.
  • Ask clients to try other treatments.
  • Ask clients to recommend their friends.
  • You are expected to eventually see 100-135 clients monthly.
  • Retain at least $25k sales from existing clients and new clients, with the help of the studio managers.
  • CIDESCO & CIBTAC are the basic requirement for candidates under 30 years old. No experience required.
  • For candidates above 30 years old, experience is required. Do not bring your old ideas or set ways into our organization, leave them in the bin.


Can you keep regulars coming back?

You must have had prior beauty school training. We recognise CIBTAC/CIDESCO.

I’m looking for people with good hands, good bedside manners and who might have experience.

If you are fresh out of class, I’m going to need you to have attended some form of beauty school previously.

Annually, we vote for our managers and we try to bring outstanding therapists and aestheticians into the role of a manager.

My managers could do $40k to $60k on their own as aestheticians and I trust them to help our therapists and aestheticians do just as well.

Singaporeans & PRs may apply.


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